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What is UbaShare?

We're a free site to help you manage your activities with your friends and family.  We are starting out with features meant to allow people to coordinate their use of  a vacation rental property over a period of time with a group of people.  We will soon be adding more features to help you make the most of your lease groups, and we will also improve the site to help you manage groups participating in other types of activities, such as vacation travel, weekend getaways, and other things that are difficult to manage.

UbaShare is a very small company, without the resources of the big players.  The advantage to this is that we will not burden you with unnecessary features that you don't really need ;-)  We focus on the key things that you will want to reliably make the most of your group lease, vacation or weekend getaway.  We are testing the site during this winter, and will be adding features as we get feedback from our users.  You may find errors or have suggestions for improvements during our Beta period... please be patient and know that we are committed to providing you with a better experience.  Your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Bill Brown
Founder - UbaShare

UbaShare BETA!

Ever found yourself wondering how many people are going to be staying into your shared lease or vacation rental this weekend?   Do you wish there were a better way to communicate with your group members and coordinate activities than all those back-and-forth email conversations? Looking for an easy way to manage the finances for your lease, to keep track of information specific to your lease, and to find out what's going on in your area?

Well, we've taken care of these issues and more for you! UbaShare will drastically improve your shared rental experience. UbaShare is an Website for online group lease management that will:

Keep track of information specific to your group.
      - Basic lease information.
      - Directions to your house and map of the area.
      - Important phone numbers.
      - House rules and instructions list.
Facilitate communication between group members.
      - List of member contact information.
      - Group email.
      - Email guest invitations
      - COMING SOON - Group message board.
      - COMING SOON - Events  manager.
Know who is staying at your house before you leave home.
      - View response calendar to see who will be there and when.
      - Communicate important information about your stay to other group members and guests.
Manage your house finances.
      - Create a custom expense list.
      - Track your monthly expenses for all members to see.
      - Manage guest fees.
Find members for your group - Find a group to participate in.
      - Group profiles and matching service.
COMING SOON... Connect with your friends in other groups
      - See when your friends will be visiting their group.
COMING SOON... Connect you with local services, in your area.
      - Local restaurants.
      - Upcoming events
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